In 2019, Toys Wonderland starts out to unite a group of collector enthusiasts and provide collectibles of everyone’s favorite character from all popular culture, movie replicas, comic status, etc. We are committed to creating a world where collectors can unite and form a community.

In high-end collectibles, QUALITY IS KING and thus we are now an official distributor of several world-renowned toys brand, supported by the worldwide high-end collectible collector community.

Here at Toys Wonderland, we specialize in retailing action figures, statues, movie replicas & life-size figurines. Assuring you to find your favorite collectible with the best price and service with a myriad of collectibles from film, comic & TV ranging from Marvel, DC Comics & Star Wars, and many more.


Justin’s Collection is also one of our longest partners, who now owns more than 500k subscribers on YouTube is a recognized toy reviewer in the collectible community and beyond. Check out Justin’s Collection’s video to find out more about your favorite collectible! Terence Tee, the world’s most renowned Iron Man Collector is also one of our frequent collectors. Go and check out the video about him for your favorite Iron Man replica and figures!

We have been collaborating with social media influencers to promote our company. To name a few, we are currently in partnership with DiegoHDM Review and Medy Renaldo on YouTube. Both of whom are renowned and recognized collectible reviewers in their respective regions. Accounting for over 760k subscribers for DiegoHDM Review, which specializes in the Brazen region. And over 1.5 million subscribers for Medy Renaldo, who specializes in the Malaysian region.

Movie Stars

We are also in collaboration with movie stars such as Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, who is famous for playing the role of Captain Carson Teva in the Mandalorian series and the Book of Boba Fett.

Welcome to Toys Wonderland! Shop now for your favorite character!

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