Toys Apollo offers a flexible cancellation policy that gives you as many opportunities as possible to cancel your item before it ships. You may click here to submit your cancellation request. Our Customer Service Team will contact you within 2-3 business days. 

Our cancellation policy is renewed starting from HKT 21st February 2022. You will receive a full refund (in cash/ store credit – optional) if your cancellation request is submitted within 30 Days (Grace Period) that the order is placed. After the grace period is passed/ you have received an email regarding the arrival notice of the pre-order (Within Grace Period), you will only receive full refund in the form of store credit.

Please DO NOT submit any cancellation request when you would like to cancel an unpaid order. The order status will be switched to “Canceled” from “Pending” automatically if the payment is not settled within a period of time.

Scan The QR Code To Submit Your Order Cancellation Request.

You may select the payment to be refunded to…

  1. Your original payment method (The payment will be received within 20-30 business days)

2. Store Credit (The code will be received within 2-3 business days)


Your order may not be canceled if circumstances do not allow or do not meet the conditions of the cancellation policy. All mailed orders are unable to cancel as well. Please be advised that the cancellation request once submitted cannot be canceled.

If you have received the email regarding order cancellation due to failing to settle the shipping fee/ remaining balance for the installment plan, you are unable to enjoy “refund to my original payment method” but only “fully refund in store credit” when you submit the cancellation request to our cancellation center.

If you would like to cancel the in-stock order…

An in-stock order is not available to be canceled. If circumstances permit, your order can be refunded.

Circumstances where the order is automatically canceled…

  1. Completed Installment Plan

You will receive an arrival notice with shipping options via email. An invoice will be sent for paying the shipping fee after you have selected the option according to your preferences. The shipping fee is required to be paid within 14 calendar days after you have received the arrival notice. Otherwise, your order will be canceled after the deadline. 

  1. Incomplete Installment Plan

Our online system will automatically collect the remaining balance after 7 calendar days you have received a pre-order arrival notice. Your order will be canceled if your credit card has failed to pay the remaining balance at the deadline. 

3. Special Cases

From time to time there are some customers whose orders are considered by the bank as high-risk transactions. In this case, we will terminate your order and issue a full refund.

Can I cancel the order and get a full refund if the shipping cost is beyond my budget when the order is ready to ship?

The dimensions of some pre-order products are yet to be confirmed until the product is released, customers will receive an email to select a preferred shipping option and pay for shipping. If you are unable to pay for shipping for any reason, please follow our cancellation policy. It will be canceled as per the procedure above. 

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