It’s happened to all of us. We make an online purchase, only to be disappointed when we open the box and see a poorly packed product with damaged packaging. As we all know, package condition is very important with collectable items; it makes a difference in display, enjoyment, and value.

Many retailers tend to ignore the importance of collecting or not be operationally designed to support collecting. This is what makes Toys Wonderland different – we recognize collecting and have the functional systems in place to accommodate the collector. Our entire website, warehouse, and system are built around the idea that a collector should be able to choose the condition of their product and receive it in that condition when they open their package.

Toys Wonderland Package standard procedure 

Most of the retailers on the market require an additional fee for an additional box as protection. Not only do we not charge for the additional box, but also inside the box, we use a double layer of bubble wrap to protect the collectible. We make sure that the collectible is at the most secure protection and environment.

  1. 2 layer bubble wrap
  1. Additional carden box for protection 

Is there a shipping brown box for every Hot Toys collectible?

  • No, shipping brown box is not included for all Hot Toys collectibleTherefore, requests for return for this reason will not be accepted.Please contact customer service at [email protected] for more details.

What to do if I receive a damaged package?

Under 30 Days Exchange / Return Policy, if the manufacturer can offer replacement of the collectible. We will provide the replacement and be responsible for the shipping fee. However, in certain cases when manufacturers cannot provide any replacement. We can only offer store credit for compensation.  Please contact customer service at [email protected] for more details.

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