Feeling frustrated to place order for your favourite toys? Pre-Ordering helps you to secure a new release product for any toys! Our pre-order starts after the manufacturer starts taking pre-order. We will help you to place an order and there is no additional service charge included! 

How do make a pre-order?

1. Choose your desired collectable

2. Click the “Add to cart” button on the page

3. Go to the checkout page to choose “Check out” or “Apply instalment plan”.

For check out
1. Enter the shipping information and payment information as requested.

2. An email will be sent when the collectable is ready to ship!

3.Stay home and wait for your favourite collectable!

For Installment plan
1. Choose your desired months for the instalment.
2. Settle the shipping fee when the collectable is ready to ship.
3. Visit the link XXXX for more information on the instalment plan!

Pre-order Management 

Your pre-order status can be checked in “ My Account” setting, you can check the following status.

  • View all items you currently have on pre-order
  • Change shipping address
  • Change payment method

We always satisfy all your needs, for unparalleled orders, we can group up your collectibles and send it all to your doorstep. If you need such service, please contact our customer service at [email protected] .

Pre-order Arrival Dates 

Every pre-order contains an expected arrival date. Any latest information will be updated in the pre-order section.

In normal circumstances, pre-order does arrive on time. However, this highly depend on the manufacturer, there could be unexpected delay in the product manufacture line. In this scenario, no compensation can be given for pre-orders that arrive late. We don’t recommend pre-ordering products as gifts or for special occasions that are time sensitive.

Pre-order Cancelation 

You can cancel most pre-orders at any time prior to their arrival at our warehouse.

Please refer to our pre-order cancellation policy for more details.

Pre-order Payment 

We only accept payment in full or apply the instalment plan. When you purchase a pre-order we will ask you to indicate how you would like to pay for the item. All accepted payment methods may be used to pay for pre-orders, including PayPal.

We realize this maybe month in advance, so you have the option to change payment methods at any time before the item arrives. Once the item arrives at the warehouse we will process your order and charge your chosen payment method.

Non-Refundable Down Payments 

  • If instalment plan is applied, Toys Wonderland will forfeit the initial down payment for the instalment plan once customers decide to give up the collectable.
  • If a customer has already fully paid the collectable and decided to give up the product. Toys Wonderland will forfeit 10% of the total amount of the product and refund the remaining 90% of the product to customers along with shipping fee if shipping fee is already paid in advance. 

Arrival notices 

When possible we will send out notification that a pre-order is arriving soon. This will allow you to review your selected payment method, shipping address, and shipping method before your order is processed. 

Please note we are unable to do this for all products; we are dependent on how much notification our vendors give us prior to shipping.

The arrival notices depend on different scenarios 

  1. Completed instalment plan without settling shipping fee 
  • Customers who have finished the instalment plan but have not settled the shipping fee , a shipping invoice will be sent via email, customers will be notified of the expected date of arrival upon completion of the shipping fee.Customers are reminded to settle the shipping fee within 14 calendar days after the order/collectible is released. Otherwise, your order will be cancelled. Please refer to our cancellation policy for details. 

      2.Incomplete installment without settling shipping fee

  • An email will be sent to collect the remaining balance. Our online system will automatically collect the remaining balance for the collectible from Partially. Please top up the account after the release of the collectible. Shipping fee will be collected via email notice. Please settle the shipping fee according to the email. Customers are reminded to settle the balance and shipping fee within 14 calendar days after the order/collectible is released. Otherwise, your order will be cancelled. Please refer to our cancellation policy for details. 

       3.Completed installment and shipping fee

  • For customers that paid for both the product and the shipping fee, an email will be sent to notify you of the release of the collectable and the expected delivery date.

      4.Completed instalment without settling shipping fee ( Full payment) 

  • Customers who have paid the collectible and have not paid the shipping fee, an invoice will be sent via email. Upon successful payment in full, an expected delivery date will be issued. Customers are reminded to settle the shipping fee within 14 calendar days after the order/collectible is released. Otherwise, your order will be cancelled. Please refer to our cancellation policy for details.

If I haven’t replied to the arrival email within 14 days, is my order cancelled already?

  • Customers are reminded to leave a valid and the most frequent email address when placing an order. We will try our best to contact you via email, if we have not heard any reply after 14 business days We will only hold your products for an additional 7 days. Otherwise, we will regard that you have cancelled the order and we will follow the procedure from our cancellation policy.

Pre-order Pricing

Due to the nature of pre-orders, pricing may sometimes change after we list the product for presale.

If the price is reduced and your item is still on pre-order, your price will not be adjusted.

In some cases we may not have exact pricing from our vendors when an item is listed for presale. If this occurs, we list the estimated price on the website with an explanation that the pre-order price will be adjusted when final pricing is known.

In rare circumstances, mandatory price changes may happen to a pre-order. This could occur when we receive a solicitation from a vendor with a pricing error or when product import tariffs are assessed by the United States government. In the event that the price increases, we will notify affected customers. As always you are free to cancel your pre-order at any time.

For more information about pricing, please contact out customer service at [email protected] 

Pre-order Shipping 

Pre-order shipping fees are estimates, not the actual amount charged for shipping. Therefore, customers may encounter the following scenarios.

1. customers can choose to pay the shipping fee when checking out, the product will be automatically shipped after its arrival in our warehouse. An email will be sent to notify you of the status of the collectable.

2. Some products weight and dimensions are not known prior to the release of the product, thus customers will receive an email to pay for the shipping fee.
If you wish to cancel the pre-order, you can follow our pre-order cancellation policy to find out more.

Shipping fee may also change after the release of the product for various reasons from the vendors, any changes in shipping fee will be noticed via email.

Pre-order Fulfillment 

We work hard to fill every pre-order we take, but occasionally a situation may be out of our control. If we cannot fill your pre-order, we will cancel it and notify you immediately. In this case, we would issue a discount voucher for your next order along with the refund.

Pre-order Package  

We always ensure your collectible is well packaged, every order will be bubble wrapped along with an extra box to secure your collectible from any damages. 

If the product you receive are defective,  you may return it to us following the guidelines in our Return Policy

Will all of my pre-orders ship together or separately? 

For unparalleled orders, we can ship the orders together, but please notice our customer service at [email protected], otherwise we would not be able to process your request.

How are orders assigned to customer ? 

We use a complex algorithm to determine the order in which pre-orders are processed. One of the most important factors is the order in which pre-orders are placed. We take other elements into consideration so that if any issues arise, such as supply shortage, shipping damage, manufacturer delays, or grading issues, we can serve as many customers in the fairest way possible.

Can I pay the shipping fee in advance under the instalment plan? 

  • We do not allow paying shipping fee in advance when the instalment plan is applied.

Can I change to another product after placing an order?No, we do not allow change in product in any circumstances

Other websites have a product available for pre-order but Toys Wonderland does not, why? 

We value our vendor relationships and respect their listing restrictions. There can be specific restrictions from the vendor that is case specific. Some online retailers may not have a direct relationship with the vendor or may simply choose to ignore the vendor restrictions.

Another store has an item in stock but Toys Wonderland does not, why? 

Other online and conventional retail stores can be located anywhere in the world. Location and method of transport effect when a store will receive merchandise, but most stores typically receive the merchandise within the same general time frame.

When should I pay the shipping fee if I choose instalment plan?

Shipping fee is paid once the instalment plan is completed. You will receive an email after the completion about the details of shipment and shipping fee. Please settle the shipping fee by following the instructions of the email.

When will the product of instalment plan shipped ?

The shipment of product under instalment plan will only be shipped after completion of both the instalment plan and the shipping fee. 

Why have I not received my pre order product while others have? 

The order distribution is according to your order time. The faster you order, the faster you get the product. Once your item arrives at our warehouse, an email will be sent to notify you.

What is the difference between Hot Toys First Batch Pre Order & Second Batch Pre Order?

  • Hot Toys is a Hong Kong-based company, they release their latest product in Hong Kong 2-3 months earlier than other countries, the customer who pre-order the first batch from our store, we are guaranteed to ship it within one business day after the official release
  • For customers who choose the second batch pre-order, the dispatch time will be 2-3 months later than the first batch release.
  • To illustrate, say if a product is to be released on 06/07/2019. The first batch pre-order will be shipped one business day after the release, where the second batch preorder will be shipped one month or later.

Why cost First Batch Pre-Order cost more after the release?

Our business code ensures that the cost of your collectable will be fixed after you placed the order.

Due to the market fluctuations. When the product is officially launched. Some products may cost 2-3 times more than its original price. But our business code free you from any additional charges since the cost of your collectable will follow the price you see on the day you placed the order. The market fluctuations of prices will not affect collectors. Therefore, it is possible to have different prices before and after the release of the collectable

Why hasn’t my second batch pre-order arrived when there is in-stock and first-batch pre-order available?

A second batch pre-order usually takes longer time to arrive which is explained on our pre-order page, a second-batch pre-order is usually 2-3 month behind the release of first-batch pre-order , therefore it also enjoys a lower price in normal circumstances. First batch pre-order are usually more competitive and have a shortage. If you wish to change the order to in-stock for earlier arrival,  please contact our customer service at [email protected] .

Why is there no notice for my second-batch pre-order while there is in-stock status available? 

Second-batch pre-order are marked as wholesale distribution pricing, making it cheaper than in-stock price (Also Known As First Batch Price) The in-stock statues are distributed among Hong Kong Hot Toys distributors, with limited stocks, thus making the price higher. In general, second-batch pre-order has a lower price but slower delivery.

Why Preorder?

When you place a preorder with Toys Wonderland, we will reserve that figure for you from our incoming shipment. Pre-ordering also provides a better price than an in stock price. Pre-ordering provides the fastest retailing service. In some cases our shipments pre-sell-out so only people who preorder with us are able to receive the items because we don’t have any extras left to list for normal ‘in stock’ sales. For those who are listed as in-stock after the pre-order, the price would be higher than that of the pre-order price.

Pre Order Payment

  • Customer should contact our customer service at [email protected] for a delay in payment in any scenario, otherwise, forfeit of product may apply in the following scenarios
  • Forfeit of products and deposit will apply when customers fail to pay the shipping fee 14 days after completion of instalment plan 
  • Forfeit of products and deposit will apply to full payment pre-order if the customer fail to pay the shipping fee 14 days after we issue invoice.
  • Toys Wonderland will refund deposits if there is an official statement from the manufacturer that the item is canceled.Items will only be shipped after the full payment is receivedPreorder shipping

Definition of Quarters

  • First Quarter (1st Qtr.) – January, February, March
  • Second Quarter (2nd Qtr.) – April, May, June
  • Third Quarter (3rd Qtr.) – July, August, September
  • Fourth Quarter (4th Qtr.) – October, November, December
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