POPTOYS 1:6 Scale Bloody Shaman Aphaia White Shaman HKD $ 1,580.00
303TOYS 1:6 Scale Three Kingdoms Yulan White Dragon Steed HKD $ 999.00

303TOYS 1:6 Scale Three Kingdoms Series – Zhao Yun Zilong , The Invincible General

-The shipping fee To Be Settled When Release
-Estimated Release date: 2021 September-December

HKD $ 2,999.00

In stock

-One (1) head sculpture with bun
-One (1) body
-Six (6) pieces of interchangeable palms
-One (1) silver shirt
-One (1) pair of silver pants
-One (1) white robe
-One (1) white girdle
-One (1) silver wing helmet
-One (1) suit of silver scale armour
-One (1) pair of silver vambraces
-One (1) pair of silver cuishes
-One (1) pair of silver shoes
-One (1) silver corset
-One (1) silver monster buckle
-One (1) pair of gem-attached leather belts
-One (1) beige cloak
-One (1) Fearless Silver Spear
-One (1) Qinggang sword
-One (1) white scabbard
-One (1) white war flag with Zhao’s name on it
-One (1) flag stand
-One (1) black figure stand

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