Storm Collectibles 1:12 Scale Mortal Kombat Reptile Figure £51.99
Asmus Toys 1:6 Scale Action Figure Gollum £82.29

Asmus Toys 1:6 Scale Action Figure Sméagol

-The shipping fee To Be Settled When Release
-Estimated Release date: 2022 January-March


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-Asmus Toys’ exclusive Gollum body
-An authentic likeness of Sméagol from the feature films with rotatable eyeballs
-One pair of relaxed posture hand
-One pair of weapon holding hand
-One pair of fist posture hand
-One pair of seamless arms
-One pair of seamless legs
-One pair of crouching legs
-One pair of haired hobbit feet
-The One Ring
-One pair of groin covers
-One sixth scaled fish
-Approximately 20 cm tall
-Over 22 points of articulation

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