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Bandai Complete Selection Modification Csm Kamen Rider Agito

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In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the broadcast of “Kamen Rider Agito” broadcast from 2001 to 2002, “CSM Altering” will be released as the latest work of the transformation belt “COMPLETE SELECTION MODIFICATION” series for adults.

This product is a transformation belt used by the main character, Shouichi Tsugami (act: Toshiki Kashu). Two infrared sensors are mounted on the waist of the main body, and the sensors react by taking a transformation pose, and the appearance sound of the transformation belt and the transformation standby sound are activated. You can play transformation by pressing the buttons on both waists.

In addition, 12 LEDs are installed to reproduce the emission color of all forms. By installing a more powerful white LED module, it is possible to reproduce the appearance scene from the dark, which is impressive in the production in Agito play.
The audio specifications have greatly evolved from the “Triple Flash DX Transformation Belt” released in 2001, and the transformation sounds, form change sounds, weapon appearance sounds, and special move sounds recorded in the play are reproduced.

You can also select the transformation effect that differs depending on the number of stories by selecting with the button. BGM includes all 10 songs such as “BELIEVE YOUR SELF” and “DEEP BREATH”. With the standby function, it can be activated at the timing of transformation / special move.

When you press the dialogue button on the main unit, the newly recorded dialogue by Shouichi Tsugami and Toshiki Kashu will be played. Also equipped with a “line mode” in which shouts overlap during special moves. In commemoration of the release of this product, a special interview and PV of Mr. Toshiki Kashu is open to the public on the order page.

Furthermore, by attaching the attached “Dragon’s Nail” to the center of the main body, it is possible to transform into a burning foam / shining foam.

Set content
A set of altering … 1
Dragons Nail … 1
Instruction manual … 1

Product material
A set of altering … ABS / PC / PVC / nylon
Dragons Nail … ABS / PC

AA batteries x 6 (sold separately)

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