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Bandai DX Wonder Almighty Wonder Ride Book

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-Estimated Release date: 2022 February

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Recorded the voices of seven Sabers from “Kamen Rider Saber”

“DX Wonder Almighty Wonder Ride Book” is now available

-Transformed into the strongest form, Kamen Rider Saber-

This product is a wonder ride book used when transforming into Kamen Rider Almighty Saber, which is the strongest form of Kamen Rider Saber that appears in the final chapter of “Kamen Rider Saber”.

When you press the button on the main unit, the title name sounds, set it on the separately sold “Transformation Belt DX Holy Sword Saw Driver”, and when you pull out the sword, the page of Wonder Ride Book expands and the transformation sound to Kamen Rider Almighty Saver is activated. To do.

After transformation, pull the trigger and pull out the sword to make a special move sound. Also, if you lead the Wonder Ride Book, you will hear a special move sound.

You can play it alone, and when you open the page of the main body, the dialogue in the play will sound. Including the main character, Makoto Kamiyama (act: Shuichiro Naito), Rintaro Shindo (act: Takaya Yamaguchi), Kento Tomikamiya (act: Ryo Aoki), Ryo Onoe (act: Yuki Ikushima), Hidou Contains a large number of dialogues in the play by Lotus (act: Eiji Togashi), Tetsuo Ohataji (act: Hiroaki Oka), and Luna (act: Mayu Yokota).

-DX Wonder Almighty Wonder Ride Book … 1
-Instruction manual … 1
-Product size : H approx. 100 mm x W approx. 105 mm x D approx. 52 mm
-Product material : ABS / PC / PP

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