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Bandai Dynaction Multipurpose Humanoid Decisive Weapon Evangelion Test Type-01 + Spear of Cassius ( Renewal Color Edition )

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-Estimated Release date: 2022 February

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-Comes with a huge [raw spear] (Cassius)! The first DYNACTION machine, which left a strong impact with a total height of about 400 mm, started in a renewal color!

-Die-cast and polyacetal compound joints are built into a huge body with a total height of about 400 mm [DYNACTION General-purpose humanoid decisive weapon Android Evangelion Unit 1]. Re-appeared with a super long size Cassius spear in a redesigned coloring inspired by [Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version].

-A huge Cassius spear is attached, and you can reproduce the intense action scene in the play.
-A wrist dedicated to Cassius’s spear is included as a new part. Achieve various poses.
-The giant body with a total height of about 400 mm is colored in the image of [Shin Evangelion Movie Version].
-You can enjoy dynamic action with compound joints using die-cast and polyacetal.
-The umbilical cable is also an ultra-long size of about 700 mm.
-The slide mechanism opens and closes the mouth. Reproduce the runaway state. Konai is glossy to create a realistic texture.
-The progressive knife can be attached and detached from the shoulder by folding it.
-A palette rifle is also included, and the shooting scene is reproduced with great power.
-The attached large pedestal allows you to fix and enjoy a dynamic pose.

-Main body
-Replacement wrist left and right 5 types each
-Replacement shoulder armor
-Palette rifle
-Progressive knife
-Umbilical cable
-Replacement antenna
-Stand joint for back hole
-Shinji Ikari figure
-Cassius Spear
-Dedicated pedestal

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