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Bandai Giant Henshin Seiken Kaenken Rekka Suiseiken Nagare And Raimeiken Ikazuchi Emblem Set

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-Estimated Release date: 2022 February

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The transformation sacred sword of “Kamen Rider Saber”, the flame sword, will be released in a big size with a total length of about 81 cm!

A flame sword fiery fire that is about 230% larger than the DX version and reproduces the proportions after the sword is pulled out. The blade is equipped with 6 LEDs, and you can enjoy a luminous gimmick that imagines the scene in the play. On the voice side, in addition to the swashbuckler sound, it is also possible to make transformation sounds and special move sounds of various forms of Kamen Rider Saber. By pressing the Shingan leader button on the tip of the sword, you can activate multiple “learning special moves”, as well as multiple BGMs in the play such as “I will decide the ending of the story!”!

Includes an emblem that can be replaced with Kamen Rider Blaze’s Water Sword Suiseiken Nagare and Kamen Rider Espada’s Thunder Sword Raimeiken Ikazuchi. You can activate the transformation sound, special move sound, and swashbuckler sound of each rider. In addition, there is also a “line mode” that allows you to play the lines of Makoto Kamiyama (act: Shuichiro Naito), Rintaro Shindo (act: Takaya Yamaguchi), and Kento Tomikamiya (act: Ryo Aoki). You can enjoy transformation sounds, special move sounds, and swashbuckler sounds with character lines!

-Ultimate Great Seiken Sword Flame Sword Kaenken Rekka x 1,
-Water Sword Suiseiken Nagare Emblem x 1,
-Thunder Sword Raimeiken Ikazuchi Emblem x 1,
-nstruction Manual x 1
-[Ultimate Great Seiken Sword Flame Sword Kaenken Rekka] : H Approx. 810mm x W 215mm x D Approx. 70mm
-[Water Sword Suiseiken Nagare Emblem] : H Approx. 240mm x W Approx. × W approx. 285 mm × D approx. 40 mm
-[Water Sword Raimeiken Ikazuchi Emblem] : H Approx. 240mm x W Approx. × W approx. 285 mm × D approx. 40 mm
-[Ultimate Great Seiken Sword Flame Sword Kaenken Rekka] : PC / ABS / PVC
-[Water Sword Running Water Emblem] : PC
-[Thunder Sword Raimeiken Ikazuchi Emblem] : PC

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