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Bandai S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Kenzan Sarutobi Ninjaden

-The shipping fee To Be Settled When Release
-Estimated Release date: 2022 January

HKD $ 700.00

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Hayate’s whirlwind, kouga fuuton’s twin swords strike down the enemy with ninja techniques at god-like speeds!

KAMEN RIDER KENZAN SARUTOBI NINJADEN , a wind swordfighter from KAMEN RIDER SABER”, is released from S.H.Figuarts brand!

The holy sword, Fuusouken Hayate, can be separated and transformed so that the three modes of “One Sword Mode”, “Twin Sword Mode” and “Shuriken Mode” can be reproduced! The scarf that flutters from the base of the neck, Blast Wrapper, can be moved to match a pose by connecting the joints.

Also, the “Desast Alter Ride Book (closed)” entrusted by Desast is also included!

-Main body
-Exchangeable hand left/right x 3
-Weapon (Fuusouken Hayate)
-Desast Alter Ride Book (closed)
-Product Material : ABS,PVC
-Product Size : Height: approx 145mm
-Target Age : For ages 15 and over.

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