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Bandai S.H.Figuarts Megumi Fushiguro

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-Estimated Release date: 2022 January

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-[Megumi Fushiguro] from the [Jujutsu Kaisen] series is now available in SHFiguarts!

From the TV anime [Jujutsu Kaisen] series, [Megumi Fushiguro] appears in SHFiguarts. Includes replacement wrists to reproduce the impressive poses of Shikigami [Tamadog], [Nue], and [Area Expansion] in the play. In addition, a replacement facial expression part for [Yado] that can be used for SHFiguarts [Yuhito Torakan] (sold separately) is also included.

-A wrist is attached to reproduce [Tamadog] and [Nue].
-The wrist of the area expansion [Kango Aneiite] is also included.
-As a bonus part, [Facial expression parts for replacement of accommodation] that can be used for SHFiguarts [Yuhito Tiger Cane] sold separately are included.
-Main body
-Replacement wrist left and right
-Three types of replacement wrists for surgical procedures
-One type of replacement facial expression part
-Bonus parts Facial expression parts for replacement
-Height: approx 150mm.

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