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Bandai S.h.figuarts Ultraman Taro

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-Estimated Release date: 2021 December

USD $ 60.08

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-And the ultimate [Taro] is in SHFiguarts (here)!

-Ultraman Taro finally appears in SHFiguarts.
-Thoroughly supervised by Tsuburaya Productions, resulting in an overwhelming modeling and proportions.
-Modeling with the image of the initial mask.

-Tsuburaya Production thoroughly supervised! Ultraman! No.6!

-Modeling and proportions
Under the supervision of Tsuburaya Productions, SHFiguarts was created based on various existing materials.
Here is the ultimate Ultraman Taro that reduces the proportions that do not collapse even if you take various poses to about 150 mm in size!

– Accessories
・ Bracelet Lancer
Can be held with a dedicated wrist.

・ Storium ray effect
By attaching to the left wrist, light rays are reproduced!

・ Taro bracelet & King bracelet
The presence or absence of two kinds of bracelets can be reproduced by replacement.

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