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Bandai S.h.figuarts Zoffy

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-Estimated Release date: 2021 December

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-[Sophie] appeared in SHFiguarts series!

-SHFiguarts Ultraman series launched in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Ultraman series broadcast.
-From [Ultraman] final round [Farewell Ultraman], [SHFiguarts Zetton] in October, followed by [SHFiguarts Sophie] in November.

-Modeling and coloring
[Ultraman] Based on Sophie that appeared in Episode 39, turned into SHFiguarts!
The eyes are shaped only by Sophie. The body line is also reproduced with two red lines!

-Effects and accessories
Sophie’s special technique, the M87 ray effect, as well as a beta capsule that separates Hayata and Ultraman.
In addition, a replacement head that can reproduce the scene where Ultraman was defeated that can be used with [SHFiguarts Ultraman] is included.
Various famous scenes can be reproduced.

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