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Bandai Saint Cloth Myth EX Andromeda Shun (New Bronze Cloth) (Revival Ver.)

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-Estimated Release date: 2022 March


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[Saint Cloth Myth EX Andromeda Shun (New Bronze Cloth)] is now available as a revival version! Along with reviewing the contents of the set, a new disassembled installation drawing of the sacred clothing, which is a feature of the EX series <revival version>, is included.

Andromeda Shun, the bronze saint of the constellation, is now back in Saint Cloth Myth EX!

-You can pose with a sense of unity and dynamism in the sacred clothes. Dedicated chain parts are included, and the special move [Rolling Defense] is firmly decided!
-Proportions that have been thoroughly verified based on the drawings in the play.
-Chain parts for Thunder Wave are also included, allowing you to reproduce impressive scenes in the play.
-Similar to the existing series, it can be rearranged into objects.
-In addition to the normal face, 4 types of replacement facial parts (screaming, smiling, closing eyes, tears) are included.
-Main body
-A set of sacred clothes
-A set of object frames
-4 types of replacement facial expression parts
-A set of replacement hair parts
-Replacement wrist left 6 types Right 5 types
-Holy clothes disassembled installation drawing
-Height: approx 170mm.

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