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Bandai SMP Alternative Destiny Gunbuster ∞ Super Lightning Kick Set W/O GUM

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-Estimated Release date: 2022 February

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“SMP ALTERNATIVE DESTINY” is a brand that creates “another story (fate)”

The optional parts set corresponding to the first Gun Buster in the series is three-dimensionalized with Premium Bandai!

This product-limited SMP ALTERNATIVE DESTINY original armament “∞ (Infinity) Super Inazuma Kick”, “Buster Shield” and “Double Buster Colleder” are recorded as armament.

RX-7 & Hand Parts” and “SMP ALTERNATIVE DESTINY Stand” are included as optional parts. The definitive optional parts set that allows you to enjoy “SMP ALTERNATIVE DESTINY” Aim for the Top! “Gun Buster” even more!

-∞ Super Lightning Kick Parts
-Buster shield
-Double Buster Colleder Parts
-RX-7 & hand parts
-Weapon rack parts
-Buster shield auxiliary parts
-1 piece of gum (soda flavor)
-Plastic parts : PS, ABS
-This product is a prefabricated toy kit.
-“SMP ALTERNATIVE DESTINY” Aim for the Top! “Gunbuster” is sold separately.

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