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Beast Kingdom 1:9 Scale The Suicide Squad King Shark Nanaue

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DC’s superhero mashup ‘Suicide Squad’ have assembled with a cast of zany and fun characters! Of all the colorful cast members, King Shark stood out as the craziest, yet sweetest of them all! Having been freed from the ‘Blackgate’ prison, King Shark, or ‘Nanue’ as he is affectionally nicknamed, is a hungry half human half shark hybrid that is as powerful as he is caring and is ready for action!
Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ is back with a new DAH (Dynamic 8ction Heroes), the King Shark Nanue DAH action figure. A detailed, yet sturdy figure is accompanied with a pair of Nanue’s favorite shorts, made of real fabric. The shark with a heart of gold also includes a set of replaceable hands as well as two head sculpts, including one with a hungry, open mouth, and not forgetting his many famous accessories such as his favorite stafish, peace bomb and more. Collectors are also able to pose King Shark in a number of different ways, with 12 points of articulation making Nanue nimble and up for any task The Suicide Squad give him. This is a set for fans of the most adorable shark in superhero history, so make sure yours is ordered from an official Beast Kingdom outlet today!

-Dedicated DAH designed King Shark Nanaue, with around 12 points of articulation
-Two replacement head sculpts (Regular, open mouth)
-Two types of replacement hands (Opened, gripping)
-Accessories: 1 book, 1 peace messenger bomb, 1 starfish, 6 ferocious sea monster
-Shorts made of real fabric
-Measurements : 1/9 Approx. 21 cm height

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