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Beast Kingdom VPB-008-Line Friends Series Brown & Sally Costume Vinyl Piggy Band Set

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-Estimated Release date: 2021 September-December

HKD $ 515.00

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BROWN and SALLY are teaming up to help you save money!
A costume party unlike any other!
A pair of piggy banks with a lot of fun!

Beast Kingdom, an Entertainment Experience Brand, introduces vinyl piggy banks from two of the most well-known LINE FRIENDS characters. BROWN wears a SALLY costume, and they will not only store your coins or notes but also act as a pair of wonderfully cute figurines! BROWN is ready to show off his CONY-inspired bunny costume with a SALLY designed over-the-shoulder bag, whereas SALLY herself is dressed in a BROWN costume with a CONY bag. Their cuteness is off the chart! Once you see them both, they will definitely make you unforgettable!
Let BROWN and SALLY be your money guardian together. So why not bring them home today now!

-Height : 21~25cm

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