Threezero Evangelion: New Theatrical Edition Robo-Dou Evangelion Production Model-03 CAD $192.23
Damtoys 1:6 Scale Resident Evil 2 Leon S.kennedy Classic Edition Collectible Figure CAD $325.31

Damtoys 1:6 Scale Resident Evil 2 Claire Redfield Claire Classic Edition Collectible Figure

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CAD $325.31

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    Claire Redfield Exquisite Head Sculpture
    DAM’s new female movable body (more than 30 movable joints)
    Hands include:
    Weapon holding hand shape (left hand)
    Weapon holding hand shape (right hand)
    Pistol grip hand shape (to be added)
    Flashlight holding hand shape (to be added)
    ATM-4 bazooka holding hand (left hand)
    ATM-4 bazooka holding hand (right hand)
    Clothing accessories include:
    Jacket (Classic Look)
    Tank Top (Classic Fit)
    Shoulder pistol magazine bag
    trouser belt
    fanny pack
    1 pair of boots
    Leg hanging holster
    SLS60 Revolver with Reinforcement Parts
    SLS60 Quick Loader
    Quick draw Army revolver
    JMB Hp3 pistol
    JMB Hp3 High Capacity Magazine
    MQ11 submachine gun and accessories:
    Suppressor (MQ11)
    High Capacity Magazine (MQ11)
    GM 79 grenade launcher
    ATM-4 Bazooka
    Fighter and scabbard
    key x4
    first aid spray
    Boxed 9MM Ammo
    Boxed .45 ammo
    Boxed .38 ammo
    Boxed .357 ammo
    GM 79 Firebomb
    GM 79 Sulfuric Acid Bomb
    puppet stand

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