Damtoys 1:6 Scale Resident Evil 2 Claire Redfield Claire Classic Edition Collectible Figure EUR €239.18
Damtoys 1:6 Scale Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation - Russian Military Police EUR €178.78

Damtoys 1:6 Scale Resident Evil 2 Leon S.kennedy Classic Edition Collectible Figure

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EUR €239.18

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    DAM3.5 movable body (more than 30 movable joints)
    Tactical glove hand types include:
    Weapon holding hand shape (right hand)
    Weapon holding hand shape (left hand)
    Pistol grip (left hand)
    Flashlight holding hand shape (left hand)
    ATM-4 bazooka holding hand (right hand)
    ATM-4 bazooka holding hand (left hand)
    Clothing accessories include:
    PRD Uniform Top (Classic Police Look)
    PRD Uniform Pants (Classic Police Look)
    uniform belt
    A pair of elbow pads
    a pair of knee pads
    a pair of boots
    radio pack
    Leg hanging holster
    Weapon accessories include:
    Matilda pistol
    Removable accessories include:
    high capacity magazine
    M19 pistol
    W-870 Shotgun (with stock)
    W-870 Shotgun (Long Barrel)
    LE 5 submachine gun
    ATM-4 Bazooka
    Fighter and scabbard
    key x4
    first aid spray
    Radio and Watches
    Boxed 9MM Ammo
    Boxed .45 Ammo
    puppet stand

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