Hot Toys 1:6 Scale 38 Truetype Body Figure - Narrow Shoulder Ver. TTM08 USD $ 76.73
Hot Toys 1:6 Scale 18 Truetype Body Figure TTM15 USD $ 76.73

Hot Toys 1:6 Scale 28 Truetype Body Figure TTF12

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Please be noticed that 30 Days Exchange / Return Policy is not available for this product. The product is in mint condition, however, defects such as oxidation, wrinkle may occur due to aging on collectible. Collectible produced for over a year have the risk of defects. Please refer to below for more details

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USD $ 76.73

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-Over 28 points of articulation
-Realistic head sculpt with dark brown and implanted hair
-A full-torso soft rubber skin layer from neck to waist
-2 pairs of hands
-2 pairs of feet ( high-heel and flat-heel)
-1 set of top and bottom
-A figure display stand

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