Kaiyodo Movie Revo (1936) USD $ 88.37
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Kaiyodo Movie Revo (1936) Monotone Color Ver.

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USD $ 88.37

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Making his debut in 1928, Disney’s Mickey Mouse is arguably the most easily recognized animated character worldwide; his 1936 appearance, making the transition from black-and-white to color, is a truly classic look beloved by fans everywhere. Now Kaiyodo adds the monotone version of this iconic cartoon character to their Movie Revo action figure lineup! With 22 points of articulation, he’s supremely posable. His slender limbs are jointed at the base, and five types of common parts are included that can be used as replacement arms and legs with different angles. His chubby, rounded lower body and thin tail are carefully sculpted so as not to disturb his soft outlines while still incorporating posability. He comes with four different interchangeable facial expressions for any occasion, as well as onomatopoeia effect sheets. If you only have one Mickey Mouse figure in this collection, this is the one to have — make this legendary cartoon hero yours today!

This is a posable action figure from the Revoltech series.

-Main figure
-Interchangeable facial expressions (x4)
-Interchangeable hands (x8)
-Arm/leg common parts (x5)
-Onomatopoeia effect sheets (x3)
-Clip part
-Clip arm part
-Clip leg part
-Approximately 10.5cm tall (not including ears)

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