Killerbody Captain America Life Size Collectible Helmet Wearable HKD $ 980.00
CGL TOYS Variant Professor 2.0 Action Figure HKD $ 1,480.00

Killerbody Life Size Collectable—Iron Man Mark VII Helmet

-Item is brand new and sealed in its original package

HKD $ 1,880.00

In stock

  • Scale: 1:1
  • Size: Head circumference: 53-63cm
  • Material: PC/ABS/EVA/CPM
  • Description: -Wearable
  • -Two control modes: Chinese Voice Control & Touch Control
  • -Mask with matte metallic paint effect;
  • -Mask internal structure with details;
  • -The eye light is transparent and visible (when the eye light is off);
  • -Three-dimensional chin line;
  • -Voice/ Touch control mask opening & closing;
  • -Voice/ Touch control eyes LED light system;
  • -Jarvis voice system;
  • -Machine sound system
Weight 2.1 kg
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