Mcfarlane Toys Lux Luther - Green Power Suit HKD $ 305.00
Mcfarlane Toys Superman ( DC Rebirth ) HKD $ 305.00

Mcfarlane Toys Lux Luther – Blue Power Suit With Throne

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-Estimated Release date: 2021 December

HKD $ 305.00

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Before the arrival of Superman, brilliant businessman and inventor, billionaire Lex Luthor saw himself as the most powerful man on Earth. Rather than using his wealth and genius to help humanity, Luthor has used his gifts in repeated attempts to destroy the Man of Steel! But, after the death of Darkseid in the Darkseid War, Luthor absorbs the tyrannical ruler’s incredible power and leaves Metropolis for Apokolips. Upon arrival, Luthor creates a new power suit, one emblazoned with Superman’s S-shield on its chest, and becomes the new “God of Apokolips!”

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