CPTOYS Crazy Puppet 1:12 Scale Mr.Bean CHF88.86
Eastern Model 1:9 Scale Iron Man MK47 ( Deluxe Version ) CHF72.00

Nice Studio 1:6 Scale Limited Edition Songs Of God

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-Estimated Release date: 2022 April-June


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-Head *1
-1/6 Active body *1
-Replace the hand type*6
-Iron wire of modelling embedded white tuxedo *1
-White pants*1
-White vest *1
-White shirt *1
-White bow tie*1
-White formal hat*1
-Removable magnet brooch *1
-Microphone stand *1
-Trophy *1
-Magnet shoes *1
-Wooden platform  *1
-suitcase *1
-Collection commemorative card *1

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