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POP COSTUME EE02 The Evolution Of Europe Blacksmith 1:6 Collectible Figure

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Blacksmith in the Middle Ages was a very important profession. They were responsible for the manufacture and repair of various metal works, such as weapons tools and household utensils. Blacksmiths usually worked in a small blacksmith shop, which may consist of one or more blacksmiths. They used a variety of tools and techniques, such as stoves, hammers, pliers, etc., to make metal products. In the Middle Ages, the work of the blacksmiths required great skills and physical strength. They need to master various technologies of metal processing such as forging, quenching, tempering, etc., to ensure the quality and durability of the products. A blacksmith’s objects was widely used in society. Weapons were one of their main products, as it was a time when war and self-defense were very important. Blacksmiths also made tools such as plows, hoes and scythes, which were essential for agricultural production. In addition, they made household utensils such as pan, POTS and cutlery. Due to the importance of their work to society, blacksmiths were usually respected by people. Their skills and experience were passed down from generation to generation, and the blacksmith shop had become one of the centers of the community, where people would come to watch the blacksmiths at work and exchange various information. In a word, medieval blacksmiths were skilled craftsmen who played an important role in the development and operation of society. Their products were not only practical tools but also a part of the culture and art of that time.


  • Head x 1
  • Body x 1
  • Normal Hands x 1 Pair
  • Hollow Hands x 1 Pair
  • Normal Gloved Hands x 1 Pair
  • Hollow Gloved Hands x 1 Pair
  • Towel x 1
  • Shirt x 1
  • Pants x 1 Pair
  • Apron x 1 (Real Leather)
  • Belt x 1
  • Saddlebag x 1 Pair
  • A Strip of Cloth x 1
  • Right Boot x 1
  • Left Prosthesis x 1
  • Sledge Hammer x 1
  • Hammer x 1
  • Butt Chisel x 1
  • Arrow Chisel x 1
  • Claw Chisel x 1
  • Long Iron Tongs x 1
  • Short Iron Tongs x 1
  • Flat Tongs x 1
  • Crowbar x 1
  • Sword Preform Mold x 1
  • Horseshoe x 2
  • Bucket x 1
  • Metal Felt x 1
  • Stump x 1
  • Figure Stand x 1
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