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Prime 1 Studio 1:10 Scale Jurassic World (Film) – Blue

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-Estimated Release date: 2022 July-September

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“Blue, come with me. We’ll take you to a safe place, okay?” – Owen Grady to Blue Prime 1 Studio is happy to announce the addition of what could possibly be the most famous Velociraptor in the history of cinema to our Prime Collectible Figure Series: The 1/10 Scale Blue from Jurassic World!

Our team is extremely proud to reveal this impressive 14-inch-long by almost 7-inch-tall fan-favorite dinosaur from Jurassic World! Blue stands pensive and anticipatory with her open-mouthed pose – her rippling saurian muscles set against her tactile carapace. Prime 1 Studio’s sculptors have spent much time and effort in crafting a Velociraptor that is as realistic as possible: from her teeth filled head, to every bump and wrinkle of her leatherlike skin, to her whiplash tail, Blue does not disappoint. And her unique coloration has been captured perfectly by our painters: from her pale gray body to the telltale blue striping that gives this breathtaking raptor her name. Likewise, Blue’s most captivating and disturbing feature, her piercing, yellow eyes, have been recreated for your amazement and enjoyment!

Blue stands on a textured earthen base, emblazoned with Jurassic World’s logo, so you will always remember where Blue escaped from!

You will undoubtedly want to collect as many Jurassic World dinosaurs as possible! Blue already disappeared into the wild. So hurry and procure your 1/10 Scale Blue figure before she disappears from stores!

-Jurassic World-themed base with logo

-Product Size Approx. : H:17cm W:36cm D:14cm
-Product Carton Boxes Approx. : 1
-Product Weight Approx. : 0.7kg
-Material : Polystone and other materia

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