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Prime 1 Studio × Cutie1 Berserk Skull Knight

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-Estimated Release date: 2021 November

HKD $ 430.00

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Scheduled to be sold in advance at the “Large Berserk Exhibition” venue! From Berserk, the guide of the main character Guts “Knight of the Skull” appears in the Cutie 1 series!

New development of the “Cutie1” series of stuffed toy figures! From the dark fantasy comic synonym “Berserk”, the mysterious knight “Knight of the Skull” who is also the guide of the main character Guts appears in Cutie 1 style !!
Arrange the characteristic skull design into Cute. The impressive eye parts and the texture of each armament are expressed with metallic paint. Although cute, it firmly reproduces the presence of the “Knight of the Skull”.

An indispensable character for Berserk. Please add it to your collection!

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