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Rocket Toys 1:6 Scale Uchiha Madara Collectible Figure

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    The total height of the character is about 33CM
    – Two-dimensional proportion of male body *1
    -Head Sculpture*1 (serious expression)
    – Replacement face*1 (evil smile expression)
    – Movable eyeball*6 (black three-hooked jade writing wheel eye x2, black kaleidoscope writing wheel eye x2, reincarnation eye x2)
    -Moveable eyeball adjustment stick*1
    -Replacement hand type*12
    – Breastplate*1 (alloy material)
    – shoulder armor*2 (alloy material)
    – Skirt*3 (alloy material)
    -Doll display stand*1


    -Top*1 (Uchiha pattern printed on the back, metal wire inlaid in the skirt can be styled)
    -Bandage (the bandage is glued to the calf)

    Weapon accessories:
    -Flame fan*1 (total length 30.5cm)
    – Sickle*1 (total length 34.5)
    – Weapon chain (can be linked with 2 weapons)

    -Head Sculpture*1 (Roaring Expression)

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