Soap Studio 1:12 Action Figure Series - Arrow (Special Edition) USD $ 81.92
Soap Studio 1:12 RC Tumbler Deluxe Pack USD $ 459.67

Soap Studio 1:12 Action Figure Series – Reverse Flash

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USD $ 81.92

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Soap Studio’s 1:12 Action Figure Series ushered in new character Reverse Flash! As a mysterious villain in the first season of CW’s drama “The Flash” until end of the season, his true identity was revealed finally.

Dr. Harrison, a physicist who is the owner of S.T.A.R labs, helped and encouraged Barry in different way, unveiled his true identity by the screenwriter at last: Barry ‘s enemy,Reverse Flash, a person who named Eobard Thawne and came from the future !

This collectible figure stand approximately 16.5cm, designed after the characters on-screen appearance with 27 movable joint and highly detailed costumes and accessories!

Facial sculpture with high simulation, meticulous painting and clothing made of real fabrics perfectly present the character played by Tom Cavanagh!

Accessories include :

– Sculpted Head x 3  (Dr Wells Sculpted Head, Masked Sculpted Head, Masked Sculpted Head with light up effect)
– Tachyon Device
– Hand Parts x 5  (Relaxed hands x 2, straight hands x 2, starting hand x 1)
– Face Mask
– Lighting Effect x 4
– Belt
– Figure Display Stand

Weight 100.0 kg
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