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Soap Studio Tom and Jerry – Chinese Vampire Figure

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They hop. They bite. They’re scary and hilarious at the same time. They are Chinese Vampires!
In the 1980s and ’90s, a series of Chinese Vampire movies made in Hong Kong became a worldwide sensation and left a landmark in the history of Hong Kong cinema. Borrowing eclectically from Chinese folklore and Hollywood horror films,this movie genre is a mix of horror, comedy, and martial arts,especilally the slapstick fun which you may also find in Tom and Jerry.

Inspired by the unique aesthetic of Chinese Vampire movie culture, Soap Studio gives you this incredible 24-inch-high figure made of vinyl, as a homage to the Gold Age of Chinese Vampire movies.
With a court attire and round-top tall brimmed hat characteristic of a mandarin, Tom presents himself as a classic look of a Chinese Vampire with a funny grimace.

And dressed in a traditional Taoist costume, Master Jerry the great vampire slayer is sticking a magic sealing talisman on Tom’s forehead. A funny detail worth mentioning,as you may notice, is the spell on this talisman written in Chinese calligraphy,which means“Cats Never Catch Mice” !

Expected Product Dimension: 25.6cm (W) x 40cm (D) x 60cm (H)
Material: Vinyl

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