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Soul Of Chogokin Gx-68x Star Gaogaigar Option Set 【the Ultimate King Of Braves Ver.】

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The power-up item for Chogokin Tamashii GX-68 King of Braves Gaogaiger scheduled for resale in September 2020 at retail is released with a new look!
The head crest, the Phantom Ring, and the Protest Ring are applied with gold plating.
The activated Ultech Engine Cover is reproduced with IRIS plating.
The face is painted in a way to make the shadows stand out stronger.
The stage is clear green in the image of the fusion scene.

Product Description
・Stealth Gao II
・Ultech Engine II
・Activated Ultech Engine Cover x2
・Protect Ring
・Phantom Ring
・Gatling Driver
・Exchangeable Gaogaiger head (non-transforming)
・Exchangeable Gaiger face parts
・Stage set
・Support parts

Product Material   ABS, PVC
Product Size  Wing length: approx 400mm

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