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Threezero Robo-Dou Galient ( Kelvin Sau Redesign )

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-Estimated Release date: 2022 April-June


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From Threezero. Based on the 1980’s Japanese anime Panzer World Galient, threezero’s Art Director has redesigned the classic mecha Galient with enhanced mechanical details! This non-scale articulated figure stands approximately 9.6″ tall and features a remarkable die-cast main frame that provides 42 points of articulation. The figure is constructed of ABS, PVC, POM, zinc alloy, and metal parts and includes many interactive features to increase playability! Enjoy Galient in two forms; the initial Panzer Blade Galient, and the Panzer Blade Assault Galient after repairs and upgrades. The figure in Galient form can transform into Big Falcon, while in Assault Galient form is capable of separating into two machines with the torso transforming into Panzer Falcon, and the hips and legs transforming into Strike Vehicle. The tires at both sides of each foot are also able to rotate, representing Galient‘s iconic roller dash feature. Included are the Galient Blade in sword mode, Galient Balde in whip mode, detachable Rear Cannon, Assault Cannon, and a shield. Galient Blade in whip mode has each of the small blade pieces attached via bendable wire for poseability. The shield has an articulated pile driver at the back side. Final product may vary from prototype images.

-Tall: Approximately 24.5cm (9.6”)
-Fully-articulated figure with 42 points of articulation
-Compatible between two forms; Panzer Blade Galient and Panzer Blade Assault Galient
-Panzer Blade Galient can transform into Big Falcon
-Panzer Blade Assault Galient can separating into 2 machines to have the upper torso transform into Panzer Falcon and to have the lower torso transform into Strike Vehicle
-The tires at both sides of each foot are able to rotate.

-One (1) Galient Blade in sword mode
-One (1) Galient Blade in whip mode (each of the small blade pieces are attached via bendable wire)
-One (1) Rear Cannon
-Two (2) interchangeable left back pack covers: a cover with a peg to attach Rear Cannon, and a cover without at peg
-One (1) Assault Cannon
-One (1) cable for Assault Cannon
-One (1) shield (has articulated pile driver at the back side)
-One (1) adapter piece for attaching shield to the left forearm
-Two (2) Interchangeable covers for the right leg: a cover with a hole to attach the cable of Assault Cannon, and a cover without a hole
-Two (2) Interchangeable covers for the left leg: a cover with the Strike Vehicle’s cockpit block, and a cover without the cockpit block
-Four (4) pairs of exchangeable hands: Fist hands x 1 pair, Posed hands x 1 pair, Assault Cannon-holding hands x 1 pair, Galient Blade-holding hands x 1 pair.
-Materials used: ABS, PVC, POM, zinc alloy, and metal parts
-Packaging size: ~(H235 x W235 x D360)mm (1kg)

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