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Threezero X Zao Dao 1:6 Scale Fishergirl And Little Sea Elf ( Normal Version ) AUD $261.28

Threezero X Zao Dao 1:6 Scale Fishergirl And Little Sea Elf ( Deluxe Version )

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-Estimated Release date: 2022 April-June

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While on vacation, Zao Dao, the Chinese female artist, was so inspired by the serenity around her, it became the concept of her latest work “Fishergirl and Little Sea Elf”. With dogs lying on the ground, palm trees growing everywhere, and sunbeams reflecting on the water while snorkeling, the very presence of nature guided her hand in creating this story about the adventures of a hard-working and brave fisher girl “Simu”, and her 21-year-old muscular dog “Two-three”. One day, they meet the little elf “Shu” who is unrestrained, ever-changing, smart, and endearingly troublesome. They live happily on the island, and thus begin their series of joyful and mysterious adventures.

Threezero proudly launches the threezeroX series of collectible figures for this stunning artwork in this special collaboration with Zao Dao. Simu, Shu, and Two-Three are lovingly recreated here in 1:6 form for all to enjoy!

Zao Dao is a passionate Chinese artist who was born in the 1990s. She has created many artworks which contain dreamscapes evoking strong senses of calmness, peacefulness, and courage. Her first art book named “Song of Sylvan” was published in 2015, where she introduced us to her fantasy world with her unique style of ink painting. The elves and monsters in her paintings had left a strong impression on readers around the world. Since then, Threezero has begun developing a series of 1:6 figure projects with Zao Dao, hoping to bring the same warmth found in her art to collectors through a different medium.

Art lovers, be sure to add the Fishergirl and Little Sea Elf Set to your collection today!

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