Damtoys x Coaldog 1:4 Scale Cyber Lover-Pink Collectible Statue ( Swappable Double Head Sculpt ) HKD $ 4,999.00
Fools Paradise 32cm Super Professional 5 HKD $ 2,980.00

Toys Born 1:6 Scale Heisenberg White

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-Estimated Release date: 2022 January-June

HKD $ 999.00

In stock

-carefully crafted brand new head sculpture
-a black frame
-a special body for adaptation
-a white Zip-up jacket
-a new cut dark green long-sleeved shirt
-a fit body fat shirt (fake belly)-a
-pair of brown shoes
-a leather belt
-a pair of khaki trousers
-a pistol
-a replacement bullet Clip
-a genuine leather hand-stitched handbag
-three packs of blue powder
-several stacks of simulated money
-exclusive doll platform

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