Verycool 1:6 Scale Cyberpunk Series Trickybaby Rainbow Standard Edition Collectible Figure AUD $216.77
Medicom Toy [email protected] 400% Eve AUD $135.94

Verycool 1:6 Scale Cyberpunk Series Trickybaby Rainbow Deluxe Edition Collectible Figure


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-Estimated Release Date: 2022 Dec-2023 Jan

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AUD $271.88

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    Product List:

    Emulational head sculpture(Red Hair)
    VC 3.0 big chest female body (Soft chest)
    Red cape
    Length sleeve jacket
    Tight pants
    Multifunctional skirt
    Handcrafted shoes
    Chest pack vest
    NIKE Towel curtain
    Blue short TANG DAO
    Knife sheath
    Glove hand type(Natural hand(a pair)、Holding hand(a pair)、Fist hand(a pair)、Hook gun right hand)

    SIG MPX-K Sub-machine gun(DAM Provide)
    SIG MPX-K Sub-machine gun SIG Sight
    SIG MPX-K Sub-machine gun SIG CrossHair
    SIG MPX-K Sub-machine gun T1 Red dot
    SIG MPX-K Sub-machine gun 30R Mag
    SIG MPX-K Sub-machine gun BCM Guide handgrip
    SIG MPX-K Sub-machine gun RAIL*3

    Mechanical Mask
    Mechanical eye mask
    Mechanical earphone

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