In the following situation, the return policy will not be covered by Toys Wonderland

  • If customer sends back the product to our original dispatch address without getting our approval or prior notice, Toys Wonderland reserves the rights to forfeit the returned product
  • If there are any defective parts or missing parts, the customer must contact us via email: [email protected] within 3 days after the arrival of the package
  • The customer does not provide strong evidence (i.e. Photo) to show the item that the product is damaged before opening the product.
  • Item must be dispatched within 7 days once Toys Wonderland approve the return request
  • Toys Wonderland rejects all used item for return. Any damage resulted from improper use or lack of maintenance will not be accepted for return.
  • If the returned product is lost in transit, Toys Wonderland shall not be responsible
  • Tracking number must be provided for the return package
  • The return package is not delivered to our return address within 60 business days
  • For products that have been released for 2 years or above. Please be aware that ageing effect may occur that leads to certain defective. Please be aware that in this case, returning and exchanging of products will not be accepted. To illustrate, fade, crack, wrinkle and oxidation of products could appear for products that was released for 2 years or above
  • Please be aware that the product prices vary due to the demands from markets. Customer can not return the product due to the change in prices for this reason

Will we responsible for the return shipping fee?

Yes, if we accept the return request, customers are required to pay the shipping fee in advance, after we receive the package and shipping carrier receipt, full amount and shipping fee will be sent to the customer’s original payment method.

Which shipping services customer should use for returning a product?

We will only accept the Airmail service as return pathway, we will not be responsible for the shipping fee if customers choose to return the package via Express Shipping Pathway, we shall not be responsible for the shipping fee

Is Replacement Acceptable?

Yes, we will only be responsible for the return shipping fee, but customer must bear the shipping fee when we dispatch the replacement again.

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