Bandai ROBOT SPIRITS (Ka signature) PENELOPE (Mobile Suit GUNDAM Hathaway Ver.) MYR RM1,720.08
Bandai 30 Minutes Sisters Option Body Parts Type G01 (Color A) MYR RM44.42

Bandai DX Chogokin Compatible Armored Parts Set for VF-1J (Macross)

-The shipping fee To Be Settled When Release
-Estimated Release date: Quarter 4 2021 (September To December)

MYR RM764.17

In stock

Set Contents

・ A set of armored parts
・ Replacement round wrist left and right
・ Large grip wrist left and right
・ Replacement VF-1J head
・ Pilot figure (equipped with the atmosphere)
・ Boarding cockpit seat
・ Attachment for pedestal

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