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Bandai The Robot Spirits (Side MS) MS-06JC Zaku II Type JC Ver. A.N.I.M.E.

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A redesigned aircraft of the Principality of Zeon’s famous machine Zaku as a land warfare specification. Deployed on the Southeast Asian front, the main machine with the Kojima battalion on the front line and the hoes has appeared in ver.ANIME!

Unlike the J type, which was a refurbishment of the F type that was for space use, it was redesigned as a land battle type. Adopted specifications according to activities on the ground such as leg mechanism and pilot getting on and off. In terms of armament, the Zaku Bazooka has been modified to a magazine type and equipped with anti-personnel weapons, and details have been changed according to the global environment.

Equipment is 120mm Zaku Machine Gun, Zaku Bazooka, Heat Hawk. Two types of heat hawks are included, one in the deployed state and the other in the stowed state.

Zaku Bazooka and 120mm Zaku Machine Gun have a removable magazine. Zaku Bazooka can be mounted on the side of the school bag and the waist with the attached joint. The Zaku Machine Gun can be mounted on the waist.
The arms can be held in front of the aircraft by moving the elbows and forearms. The shoulder shield also rotates.
The spike shield on the right shoulder added in the JC type can be changed to the normal type by exchanging parts. Reproduce a wide range of operational variations.

[ROBOT Spirit <SIDE MS> 08th MS Squadron Optional Parts Set ver.ANIME] (sold separately) is linked. Zaku with a damaged left arm encountered by Shiro Amada in the play can be reproduced.

-Main body
-Replacement wrist left and right 4 types each
-Wrist storage deck
-120mm Zaku Machine Gun
-Zaku Bazooka
-Heat Hawk (light emission)
-Heat Hawk (storage)
-Replacement shield lid
-Various joint sets
-Vernier effect (curve axis) x 2
-Height: approx 125mm.

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