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Hot Toys Aliens – Uscm Sergeant Apone MMS04

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    The original Alien film introduced one of the most memorable modern ‘monsters,’ and the sequel, Aliens, introduced a team of worthy adversaries, the Colonial Marines. Hot Toys has produced fully-poseable model kits of these battle-hardened soldiers, each standing 12-inches tall, true to 1:6 scale. Each Colonial Marine includes body armor and a personal arsenal.

    The Apone Poseable Model Kit features:

    • Articulated Neck Guard
    • Helmet Strap and Internal Pads
    • Articulated M3 Body Armor
    • M10 Pattern Helmet with Pull-Down Infrared Sight
    • Tactical Camera
    • Microphone
    • Front Strike Plate
    • M41A Pulse Rifle with Padded Sling
    • M240 Flame Thrower
    • Shoulder Lamp
    • Personal Data Transmitter (PDT)
    • Hand Held Locator
    • Motion Tracker with Sling
    • Webbing
    • Equipment Straps
    • Metal Sling Points
    • Figure display stand
    Weight 3.0 kg
    Dimensions 40 × 35 × 15 cm
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