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Hot Toys What If…? – 1:6 Scale The Hydra Stomper Collectible Figure PPS007

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【What If…? – 1:6 Scale The Hydra Stomper Collectible Figure】

“Ready to join the war effort, Steve?” – Howard Stark

If one thing changes, what kind of ripple effects does that cause? The first episode of Marvel Studios’ What If? animation series revisits the events of Captain America: The First Avengers, where things go down a different path for Steve Rogers. In this universe, Steve is injured and he will be fighting in “The Hydra Stomper” armor created by Howard Stark.

Based on the highly-anticipated series, What If…?, Hot Toys is presenting 1/6th scale The Hydra Stomper Collectible Figure as our new addition to the Power Pose Series.

The colossal figure has captured Hydra Stomper’s appearance in What If…? animation series with outstanding painting applications, complemented with perfectly scaled design, also mechanical details such as thrusters, shooters, and an opening cockpit. Measuring at approximated 56cm in height, it features LED Light-up designs on the eyes and arc reactor; semi-articulated body with the ability to perform head, shoulder, arms, wrist and waist movements.

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