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Megahouse Full Scale Works 1/1 MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM Char Asnabul Stahlhelm

– Item is brand new and sealed in its original package

HKD $ 3,280.00

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“Char Aznable Star Helm” appears in the Full Scale Works series that sends items in the play on a 1/1 scale to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam. The total height of the helmet body is about 30cm. The completely new mold made of ABS helmet is lightweight and realistic reproduction of each edge. Headgear secures a good field of view by using a magic mirror sheet for the eye. A dedicated pedestal with the Zeon logo mark is included for display, and it is a good 1/1 helmet to wear. “Full Scale Works Char Aznable Star Helm” that anyone can become a colonel. Please enjoy a wide range of uses such as every event and collection. * Free size. There are individual differences in wearing.

Overall height approximately 300mm

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