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Soap Studio Tom and Jerry – Fluffy Friends Plush Figure

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Jerry always loves to make mischief, after Tom puts on a teddy bear costume to successfully fool him, he cannot let Tom get away with it! Now Jerry carefully prepares four sets of fluffy costumes as a disguise to play tricks on Tom and invites you to join in the game. Do these costumes look familiar, don’t they? Because they are so famous in the “Tom and Jerry” animation series!

Soap Studio selects the famous characters from “Tom and Jerry” to make four plush figures of different styles. Spike Bulldog who has a somewhat minor friendship with Jerry and is a formidable enemy to Tom, Toodles Galore the most attractive female cat that Tom always falls for and…Jerry’s forever-frenemy Tom!

Every figure of the Tom and Jerry -Fluffy Friends Plush Figure series comes with a limited certificate, a miniature easel for display and a mini plush teddy bear in four different colors and full of details.

You can take the teddy bear off and use the pin on its back to decorate your bag or wherever you want. Of course, you can also pin the teddy bear on the figure to display them together, so that the figure can hold the teddy bear, adding a sense of cuteness and warmth.

Besides, each figure is sealed on purpose to make sure that no one will know what character it is before it is open! The odds of these four character figures are different: Grey Tom Figure(82%), Spike Bulldog Figure (8%), Toodles Galore Figure (8%), and Pastel Tom Figure(Only 2%!).

To make it more fun, Soap Studio’s official special edition will launch Vintage Tom Figure, with a gray mini teddy bear, to randomly mix into the products of this series, only by purchasing this product in Soap Studio official website can you have the opportunity to get this super rare version!

The same as other products of the Soap Studio Figure Plush series, Fluffy Friends Figures have built-in skeletons inside with a huge range of poseable inside so you can make them act in any pose as you want.

And the hook-and-loop fasteners on plush figures’ heads make it easier to be taken off. When you do so, you can see Jerry’s cute face!

【Figure Plush Series】
The original and popular toy series from Soap Studio combining Plush dolls with vinyl toys and action figures.

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