ZD Toys Iron Man Mark III 1:10 Scale Collectible Figure USD $ 34.57
ZD Toys Iron Man 1:10 Scale Hall of Armor USD $ 32.25

ZD Toys Iron Man Mark III (Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary Exclusive Edition With Light Up Function)1:10 Scale Collectible Figure

USD $ 39.99

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The strongest armor in the Iron Man movie. The very armor Tony Stark used in the battle with Iron Monger in Iron Man. Mark III is also displayed in the Hall of armor in Tony’s mansion. Making it one of the most iconic armors of Iron Man. The 1:10 scale makes the collectible a size like your hand! But worry not, the details are clearly shown in the figure. Purchase now to add it to your collections!

  • 4 Pairs of Hands
  • 4 Flame Effect
  • 1 Display stand

Remarks: Only the Arc Reactor is equipped with a light-up function

Weight 1.0 kg
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