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Bandai Saint Cloth Myth EX Libra Dohko (God Cloth)

-Item is brand new and sealed in its original package

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Prototype image. Actual product may vary.
Copyright Masami Kurumada / [Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold] Production Committee
Height: approx 170mm.

–The Golden Saint Libra Dohko of Libra is back in sacred clothing !!

-From [Saint Seiya Golden Soul -soul of gold-], Libra Dohko (Sacred Cloth) appears again in Saint Cloth Myth EX. As with the existing products, it not only reproduces the cross object form, but also comes with weapons for 12 Gold Saints, a special wrist, and facial expression parts that reproduce Athena Exclamation.

–Holy costume wearing form
Shields can be attached to the shoulders and arms respectively. Various weapons equipped on the back can also be removed.

–Object form
The sacred clothing can be transformed into a powerful object with an eye-catching weapon on the back.

–All 5 facial expressions are included
Usually comes with 5 types: screaming, closed eyes, smiling eyes closed, and clenching. The state with and without the mask is also completely reproduced.

–A total of 12 weapons of 6 types of Libra are included.
In addition to 12 weapons, all wrist parts for the Gold Saints to have are included.

–Bonus facial parts included
Includes facial expression parts for [Gemini Saga (Sacred Cloth)] (sold separately) and [Aries Mu] (Sacred Cloth) (sold separately) to reproduce Athena Exclamation.

[set content]
・ Main body
・ A set of sacred clothes
・ Replacement parts for removing the shield
・ 4 types of replacement facial expression parts
・ Replacement wrist left and right 5 types each
・ A set of replacement hair parts
・ A set of object frames
・ Holy clothes disassembled installation drawing
・ Athena Exclamation facial expression parts for Aries Mu (sacred clothing)
・ Athena exclamation facial expression parts for Gemini Saga (sacred clothing)
・ 11 types of left and right wrists for holding weapons for separately sold products
・ 6 types of Libra weapons x 2
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